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    Hey guys!

    Whenever I am talking to someone who uses a lot of emojis (ie my girlfriend, you can imagine how annoying this will get), I receive these letters that cut off the rest of the text and only show the last few words. Again, it seems like this only happens when someone sends an emoji, but not EVERY time someone sends one, just enough that it becomes really annoying that I have to ask people to resend their texts.

    I have thought about it being only being iPhone to Android specific, but my friend who has an LG G4 sends emojis as well and the same thing happens - obviously it isn't platform specific.

    My specs are: HTC One M8 v5.0.1
    I use Textra, but have used Chomp and GoSMS, with the same result. I have also asked for a replacement phone because I thought the phone was defective, but now I am using the new phone and it STILL happens.

    If anyone knows anything, please help!

    I'd post a picture but it doesn't let me
    10-28-2015 04:21 PM

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