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    Recently I started a study on long term context of a user. For that I concentrate on android Wear specifically; I am looking into heart rate sensors. My goal is to map the users heart rate over a extended period. After collection I would then focus on error correction and data reduction, resulting in an analysis specific to the user.

    In order to make this possible I would need 'continuous readings from a smart wearable'; meaning that i need at least a heart rate reading every 5-10 minutes. Since I am new to the smart watch/wearables I thought I'd ask a few questions here.

    1. I am looking into the Huawei watch, but this model does not offer an always on heart rate sensor. Would it be possible to produce an app that measures a pulse every 5 minutes and sends that data to an app on a phone?

    2. I've read that the first gen moto 360's readings were aweful, but that the second gen has significantly improved on bringing accurate readings (every 5 minutes which is extremely useful for my research)

    3. Lastly, I am looking into all sorts of wearables. For example Fitbit, polar etc for more enthusiastic users. It would be awesome if You could recommend me a certain platform in the following format: Model + brand ; programming interface (how easy is it to retrieve data) ; strong positives and negatives of the device.

    Keep in mind I need to access the heart rate data. So if there isn't a platform available to receive the data besides a native app It won't be of use.

    Thank you for reading! Looking forward to the comments!
    10-31-2015 04:18 PM

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