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    Here's the problem: My apps keep crashing. I don't really care about Chrome and Tumblr and other third party apps crashing (actually yes I do) but I care more about the fact that I can't send text messages without my phone crashing. I can receive messages, I just can't open them. I can make calls, but if the person I'm calling hangs up first, everything crashes and I have to restart my phone. Whenever I am given the option to report a crash, the report crashes, too. This is some meta BS.
    (Sidenote: I've also noticed that if I restart the phone, sometimes the phone gets stuck in a bootloop. Sometimes it doesn't and operates fine (to an extent) if I reboot it while it is stuck in a bootloop.)

    What I Did: Nothing. Three days ago, I was going to text my dad to pick me up, but the messaging app kept crashing. I was like, "Uh, okay." After realizing that I couldn't open any other apps without them crashing, I restarted my phone. Then, my phone got stuck in a bootloop. The Verizon logo kept replaying and restarting and nothing would work.
    So, I got home, tried to figure out what was happening by getting on this forum. I gathered from various answers to questions about bootloops that I should wipe the cache, which I did. No dice; I was still in a bootloop. The next thing I was told I should do was wipe the phone which, unfortunately, I had to do. I was upset that I had to wipe the phone, but I was just glad that I finally was able to get a response from my phone. I was given the option to put it in Safe Mode, which I probably should have done but didn't.
    Anyway, I went through the rebooting process, everything worked out fine until I wanted to download a third party app, like Facebook. Google Play Store kept crashing. Then, Settings crashed. Crash Report crashed. I was fed up.
    I didn't touch my phone for the next few days until I had to call my dad to pick me up. This is when I figured out that I couldn't open or send messages but I could call and receive messages.
    Enter me about an hour ago. I was thinking about the Safe Mode option from earlier and researched it a bit. Apparently Safe Mode disables all third party applications. I put my phone into Safe Mode, hoping that something would happen, and everything crashed. I couldn't open anything, android.ui itself "Unfortunately has stopped working." I had to force a restart just to stop being pestered by everything.
    Enter me, right now, as I type. Phone is still a royal pain in the keister. Help.

    Here's What I Know: I didn't do anything to my knowledge that would have caused this to happen. I didn't download anything that wasn't from the Google Play Store besides pictures off of Facebook and Tumblr. I didn't drop the phone. I have had this phone for almost a year and this is the first time it's been giving me problems. I restored the phone to a factory reset so, no, there are no third party applications. Safe Mode makes the situation worse. I can't get to the SD Card without disassembling the phone. I've tried taking out the battery and putting it back in. I've tried downloading anti-virus software, but it just crashes. My phone is updated as far as it can go. This phone is a crappy, disposable LG smart phone. It is unrooted.

    Here's What I Want to Know: What is happening? Can I do anything about it that doesn't involve disassembling the damn thing or getting a new phone? If I do have to disassemble, what do I do? I am basically a noob at everything Android that isn't clearly spelled out for me. Please help?

    TL;DR: All my apps are crashing. All I can do is make calls and receive texts. I wiped the cache, reset it a factory version, put it in Safe Mode, and basically did everything except sacrifice my left arm, my right leg, and my brother. That, and take the SD Card out, because I can't.

    Sorry for the long post, but thank you for any help you might have.

    - cooljikawa
    10-31-2015 05:36 PM

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