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    I've been having a problem recently with my Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 that music seems to stop playing a few minutes after I turn my phone's screen off. I've had the problem with MP3 files playing using both ES File Explorer and Google Play Music, both encounter the same problem.
    I have not rooted my phone and do not have any apps installed that would auto-kill the music player. Interestingly, it seems to cut out around 30 seconds before the song finishes, so a longer song does go on longer before stopping. Also I have an app named FireTube installed which allows me to listen to YouTube videos in the background or with the screen off and I do not have a problem with this app. Whether it's because it's a different audio format or because I installed it through the Amazon store instead of the Play store I don't know.
    Tried reinstalling ES File Explorer, uninstalling updates from Google Play Music nothing seems to work.
    Grateful for any help!

    Android version: 5.0.2
    11-03-2015 10:48 AM

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