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    I am thinking of buying a used phone to register on RingPlus or another MVO that gives free service.

    I figure I would buy one from Amazon not off craigslist so i have a pretty good chance it isn't stolen.

    But if the previous user downloaded spyware or if they rooted it and screwed with it I would like to have it Fresh like it was from the factory.

    I figure Factory Reset is pretty useless if they rooted it or spyware is deep in it but I don't know that much about what the best way to deal with a used phone is.

    I don't want to flash a rom to it off the net. I would rather it be just like factory new.

    Is this possible or should i just buy new?

    If i brought it to a sprint store would they do it? are they able to do it?
    11-03-2015 09:42 PM
  2. brackenmakay's Avatar
    Flash it using firmwares from SamMobiles. They provide you with factory rom's for free and they are secure. If you are nervous after flashing then all you need to do is flash it then install an AntiVirus from the Play Store e.g. Avast. Rooting is not as bad as it sounds. It just lets you into the restricted files of the OS to let you customise your phone even more. It takes all locks excluding network locks off of your phone. Doing a factory reset would do just fine if spyware was there no matter how deep it was but flashing is better as this should get rid of the root.
    11-04-2015 06:06 AM

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