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    I'm having a problem with my Motorola Moto G (2nd gen) and Android 5.02. When I receive texts from companies who are pushing their name alongside the texts the messages appear to be from one of my personal contacts. So a new text from a company that have not messaged me before will appear to be from "John Smith", where John Smith is a friend of mine. The last text was from my child's new school and they were pushing "SchoolName" as their company name, rather than the text appearing from just a number and that one also claimed to be from "John Smith" though had "SchoolName" below that.

    Looking down my previous messages any that are from companies now appear to be from "John Smith". I've tried deleting the individual contact but the name on the message changes to a different friend's name. I've tried deleting my Google account from my phone and then adding it again but the oddity remains. Any ideas how to resolve this?
    11-05-2015 10:59 AM

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