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    Old phone is DroisMaxx on Android 4 but since very first droid 5+ years back I have gotten used to my favorite "zen" live wallpaper which was the "Autumn Leaves" or "Water" where the autumn leaves are falling over a pond with trees in the background and you can make little ripples in the water by touching it or alter the leaves falling by touching them. Anyway I'm sure most Android users in the universe know this wallpaper as it has been there since the beginning and I just assumed it would be there on my awesome new Droid Turbo2 which ships with Lollipop 5. Wrong.

    So there are a few minimal live wallpapers on the new phone but not the water scene I have come to love. With much searching, I have found others posting and lamenting about its absence and I have found links to apk downloads purporting to be this live wallpaper with instructions about rooting the phone to copy it into the right directory which I don't exactly feel safe about doing on my new expensive phone.

    I do however still have my DroidMaxx still running AOS4 with the Wallpaper active. I am wondering if there is any way to copy the wallpaper file off my Maxx directly over to my Turbo2 and put allow it to become active without (preferred) or with rooting either/both phones. Anyone with skills who can step me through that would be much appreciated. I'd need to know...

    1. Where and how to look for the live wallpaper file on my old DroidMaxx
    2. Once I find it, where to copy it on my DroidTurbo2 and
    3. How to make it active on my Droid Turbo2

    Thanks Much in advance
    11-05-2015 01:59 PM

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