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    When trying to log into Microsoft Outlook it says my username and password do not match
    Map My Ride/ My Fitness Pal works fine however when I try to sync the two within the Map My Ride app the username and password no not match.
    When on chrome browser and trying to access my google account: username and Password do not match.
    Youtube tells me I require action to sign in... takes me to google whereby: username and password do not match. Infact I can't access google anything. I've got a subcard app but guess what? When I login.... username and password do not match.

    I have 2 step verification turned on for google but does that affect the
    other apps i've listed? The 'app passwords' they suggest as the issue DO NOT work. There's not even any real guidance on it to ensure i'm doing it right (ie it says type in the 'eg youtube on my xbox' so if I type in 'myfitnesspal on my android phone' that will work will it? .... Answer: ... No) Theres no way of contacting google. Nothing I can find online. Google just sends me round in circles. No point telling me in troubleshooting for login issues to go to google app and login on my device when the whole reason i'm troubleshooting is because I can't login.

    Any guidance, any information or just telling me where to find information is grealty appreciated. I have a new phone (Sony Xperia Z3 Compact) and can't use half my apps.... Its driving me crazy.
    11-05-2015 03:59 PM
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    Peace. Hi. Hope u all are fine.

    My deduction: Most of us copy paste passwords from another app and when pasting like that, with the recent updates, hidden code is taken with passwords and so it is not accepted? Definitely something that needs to be corrected by Android.

    Solution for now: Do not copy paste. Instead use the double app open feature or left button of mobile button and directly write on the form fields. Has worked for me.

    #AskAadhil #FixWithAadhil #Whatables
    11-07-2015 01:43 AM

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