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    I have a samsung galaxy s3. For approx 6-8 months after i select an app to start (can be any of 5 apps that i use regulary) i get a screen that opens asking me to install a game (always a game). I did a google search and android central forum questions showed questions from s3 and an s4 user(s) having this similar problem. I signed up for an Android central user id and my searching. Way to many questions appeared even after i filtered my search. So I decided to ask the same question and answer it myself because what I did resolved the problem.

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    11-06-2015 10:00 AM
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    In my case I had downloaded and used Download Music Paradise Pro. I had it on my galaxy s3 for some time with no problems. But after a bit the events in my question started happening. So after some searching I came across a few questions relating to mine and 1 suggested it could be the app I mentioned above. So I uninstalled that app and my problem went away. As a side note after removing it I went into play store and could not find that app. I believe an update to that app caused the trouble because I had been using it without problem for a while. It wouldn't be the first time that bad programming was the ultimate cause of the trouble.
    Hope this may help others even on newer Samsung Galaxy products.

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    11-06-2015 10:17 AM

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