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    I had a rooted Galaxy S5 SM-G900T, with PhilzTouch recovery and stock firmware. I tried updating to 5.1.1. The OTA update wouldn't work (presumably because the phone was rooted), so I used Kies. The update worked, except I don't have cellular or mobile data now. I tried a factory reset and that didn't help. I tried reflashing PhilzTouch and restoring the nandroid backup that I made prior to updating, but restoring the nandroid backup soft-bricked my phone.

    I reflashed the 5.1.1 firmware via Odin (I downloaded it from sammobile). I now have a working device, except I still have no cellular or mobile data. When I dial *#06#, it says the IMEI is "null/null".

    In Settings - About Device - Status, it shows the Service State is "Radio off", the IMEI is "Unknown" and the IMEISV is "Unknown". However, Wi-fi works, and Bluetooth works. I have read that that sometimes the IMEI will go missing along with the Baseband, but the Baseband version shows up as "G900TUVU1DOB1".

    Also, when I try to get into service mode by dialing *#197328640#, it goes into ServiceMode, but the lines are all blank.

    How do I get a usable phone? I didn't backup the EFS partition directly, but I did make a complete backup of the internal memory. I have a 14gb image file of the entire phone memory, so I'm hoping if I need to restore the EFS partition, I can pull it from there, although I haven't figured out how to yet.
    11-06-2015 03:57 PM

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