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    Hi! I have a galaxy note 3 and recently (maybe a month ago) I bought a samsung micro sd card so I could update my apps since my phone was telling me I had insufficient storage. I moved a majority of my main/big apps over to the sd card. However one day at work I was checking my phone when i noticed most of my apps were transparent and had an sd card at the corner of them and whenever I tapped on them it would open up play store for me to download it. And my phone was saying the sd card was blank and I needed to format it. I wouldn't have a problem re downloading the apps if there was more space. I am not concerned about the photos since there were only like 20 of them. I am mainly concerned about one game I am very fond of it is not connected with google play I think thats what it is called where it saves your info in your account or something. I did not get a transfer code that is available in the game to transfer my saved data to another device. Is there anyway that the saved data is still on my phone somehow and if I download the app again that the data would be recovered or something? Answers are helpful!
    11-06-2015 10:28 PM

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