1. AC Question's Avatar
    Device: Samsung Galaxy Alpha (pretty much S5)
    OS Version: Lollipop

    Anytime the Outlook Device Policy is enabled on the device and i set the screen unlock mechanism to Fingerprint, i only ever see the "backup password" screen when i press the power button. I don't see any notifications, or the time.

    If i change to a pin lock, i see the time and notifications. Alternatively, if i disable the Outlook Device Policy and use fingerprint, i can see the notifications on the lock screen and don't end up in the "backup password" screen (though i can go there by tapping on backward password myself if i wish).

    Anyone know why this is happening? Ideally i'd like to use fingerprint to unlock, see my notifications and still have access to my corp email.
    11-07-2015 12:11 AM
  2. hallux's Avatar
    It sounds like your exchange administrator has enabled policies to force privacy on lock screen notifications.

    Posted via Android Central App
    11-07-2015 07:25 AM
  3. ShahidKhuram's Avatar
    I don't think that's it since changing unlock method to pin or password shows all the notifications, even including the email content.

    Even normally you don't see notifications if you are on the enter password screen of the fingerprint auth, the question is why that's the default and forced state when the phone wakes up.This seems like a bug.

    I was wondering if anyone else could repro the overall experience.
    11-07-2015 01:21 PM

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