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    I am working on a project where we are doing a live performance with about 6 musicians placed away from each other in a big space. The audience will be wearing their headphones and as they move around we want them to hear different kinds of effects in different areas of the place. For calculating the position of users we are using bluetooth beacons. We're expecting around a 100 users and we can't have a latency of more than 2 seconds.

    Is such kind of a setup possible?

    The current way we're thinking of implementing this is that we'll divide the place into about 30 different sections.
    For the server we'll take the input from all the musicians and mix a different stream for every section and stream it on a local WLAN using the RTP protocol.
    We'll have Android and iOS apps that will locate the users using Bluetooth beacons and switch the live streams accordingly.

    Presonus Studio One music mixer - Can have multiple channels that can be output to devices. 30 channels.
    Virtual Audio Cable - Used to create virtual devices that will get the output from the channels. 30 devices.
    FFMpeg streaming - Used to create an RTP stream for each of the devices. 30 streams.

    Is this a good idea? Are there other ways of doing this?
    Any help will be appreciated.
    11-07-2015 02:16 AM

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