1. canacabdamme's Avatar
    I have a non rooted Samsung galaxy avant,
    SM-G386T1 UD, made in china.
    From what I have read is that it is probably unlikely that anyone could fill up a 16gb phone, well I did plus a 32gb SD card and am working on my second. So the phone started slowing down and acting all crazy so I decided to do a factory reset. So this past week I've been working on making sure everything important was backed up. I took out my SD card and did the factory reset. Everything restored but my calendar. Any way I can get my calendar restored easily. If not I can just do hard work the hard way and start making calls to get the info. Thank you in advance for any input.
    11-07-2015 11:12 AM
  2. Crashdamage's Avatar
    Your calendar should just resync and be as it was IF you were using the Google calendar and IF you had sync for it enabled. Log into your Google account online and see if younger calendar is there.

    If you did not have your calendar synced to Google or some other service, or otherwise backed up, then it's gone.
    11-07-2015 11:40 AM
  3. canacabdamme's Avatar
    I thought I was using Google calendar, I tried to make sure all the boxes were checked, I tried to make sure it was done correctly. Thank you for your input, I'll start making the calls Monday to get the info again.

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    11-07-2015 12:28 PM

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