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    I have a Lenovo S920 , everything's is perfectly fine when someone in family use it to download something I don't know but ended up also installing a bug that won't let anyone use the phone by giving a message "Unfortunately , Secret Lock has stopped " and if anyone press " ok " , it will just pops up another over and over and over .. I tried everthing to be honest , factory resetting and try to delete the files inside my android but trying to accessing the storage using the computer suddenly became impossible as it no longer recognizes this device anymore .. (it does recognize it as usual before until the bug came) I have no other options , so Please , PLEASE HELP ME!

    And yes , I'm not an expert of phones..
    if you wanted more detail , when I first realised the bug , my phone suddenly installed this weird app " Crazy Sex " with a nake woman as the thumbnail of the app and there's also an app called APUS which I've searched from the internet is a launcher of some sort , and I did try to uninstalled it because , the 'culprit' showed me what is the unknown app's name and it kinda name something like 'com.(something)' and right after i uninstalled it , BAM! it restarts the phone and then the 'unfortunately , secret lock has stopped working' pop-up over and over again

    OK.. I got a little progress here .. when the pop-up came up , everytime i press ok i will get a split second and do whatever I can , eventually I did go to the settings and straight ' factory reset ' , and I thought it was over but no .. next boot it's still there , so i went to the settings , app and checked for these pesky bugs , what I found was these few app that was installed are 'built-in' (they weren't there before they came) , in other words , I cant uninstall them and disabling them doesn't make much difference , as I found the name of the pop-up's app which is Secret Lock and Painting ScreenLock2 .. I did delete its data , delete the cache and disabling them but it still there... I even factory data reset over , and over and it still there.. How did these app was installed to built in?
    these app are Blow Skirt , AV Hunter , Apus , CrazySex << and yes they are all adult stuff which I can't comprehend why are they even installed?
    I did some research that if I wanted to delete them so bad , I should considered rooting but I wish I could avoid that..

    Let me recollect , I DID 'Factory reset' both from the Android System Recovery and from the settings,backup and reset, factory reset. I DID tried to disable them and they're still the pop-ups << these pop-ups aren't like ads but just pop-ups that won't go away even if I did disabled them. THERE IS NO OTHER APPS SINCE I'VE BEEN FACTORY RESETTING OVER AND OVER , and everytime I DID factory-reset, they are still there... TT-TT
    11-08-2015 02:03 AM
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    Hi, welcome to the forums! It seems your phone got infected with this new trojan after downloading from some third party app store.


    As you can see there's not an easy fix and in most cases flashing the ROM is the only way to go.
    11-08-2015 06:28 AM

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