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    I'm in need of a new phone, and considering a Samsung Galaxy S6. I have not decided on a carrier and do not want to be married to a carrier. When I look for unlocked Galaxy S6 on Amazon or other places, the phones say they are unlocked and yet I have to pick a carrier (Att, Verizon etc.). Are they different? Is a Verizon flavored phone not capable of working on an ATT (GSM) or will one sold for ATT not work on Verizon (CDMA)? How about overseas? Will a S6 sold as a Verizon phone not work on GSM in Europe? Verizon itself says they sell an unlocked Galaxy S6, but can I buy it from them and take it to ATT and activate it there? I realize they all have a slot for a SIM, but why do I have to pick a carrier. Apple sells iPhone 6S and they say you can take it where every you like and it will work. Is the same true for the Galaxy S6? Am I missing something? The Network specifications for a Verizon phone and an ATT phone seem to list different specifications but I'm not technical enought to understand whether they are actually different or not. Help please.
    11-11-2015 10:18 PM
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    You're buying a phone with a price subsidized by the carrier.

    If you buy the phone outright, you don't have to choose a carrier. This page has one for US$600, but if you look at this page, in the Network information, you'll see that different carrier's versions (the letter at the end of the "G920") have different frequency coverages, so one phone may not fit all. (And Sprint and Verizon may not activate phones that aren't branded by them - they usually activate a phone by selecting its IMEI number from their database and if it's not their phone, they won't have the number in their database, so they can't select it, so they can't activate it.)
    11-11-2015 11:47 PM
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    Thank you for the reply and explanation. I see that the Att version does not list CDMA under network technology, so it seems that this flavor will not work on Verizon, but one purchased for/from Verizon would work on Att since it does list GSM in under network technology and has the same frequencies. I would assume that it would also work abroad on a GSM network.
    11-12-2015 01:43 AM

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