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    While I had a phone with windows os there were a lot of tool kits avaliable at places like ada and others. Now I can't even find an old copy of Hasoons 2000 to utilize. I have tried to unlock the bootloader on my sprint HTC one M8 and when I try and open the command window to copy the code to get a token I cannot get the window to open. All I get is a flash of the window before it disapears. How do I make the command screen appear and stay so I can get a token ? I have ressurected my old HP vista 7 just for this project and am using opera due to java not providing the enviroment with chrome as a browser. I would love to get a good recovery and remove or disable all of the sprint branding and bloat ware but the goal is no closer today than it was last week when I started the project
    11-12-2015 01:42 AM

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