1. AC Question's Avatar
    Hi, I was on Messenger and tried calling someone, and Voice Mate popped up saying that if I didn't update it, it wouldn't launch. I never even realized it was associated with the whole voice/mic thing before. Now, when it said either cancel or yes, i clicked yes and then it took me to the app updates > there wasnt any updates for voice mate. So i went to the all apps to see if i could uninstall it or do something of the sort with it - so i restarted my phone, and now im here. Please help!
    11-13-2015 01:56 AM
  2. LoveLgG2's Avatar
    The same thing happened to me with Voice Mate after I upgraded to lollipop. I have not done factory reset after the update yet, but LG is telling me that the reset will most likely resolve the issue.
    01-03-2016 10:52 AM

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