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    Hi all

    Don't know much of Android save basic usage i.e. never rooted or hacked. I am familiar with the concept of jailbreaking from early iOS days and I am not afraid to delve into this system. Have subject system running 4.2.2. Kid had it for a few weeks. not sure what he installed but I know there is some sort of virus on it. I have done many hard resets. But I assume these only wipe user data and does not touch the actual OS. Right after hardware resets with absolute no user installed apps symptoms of infections show. Apps install without intervention. Popups ads show in some instances pornographic. I'm assuming I need to find the stock Samsung Rom and reinstall. This is new to me and I have yet to find one from a reputable source. Neither do I know how to root etc. I don't mind upgrading to something later and any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Dr. Web sees infections as:

    1. Android.Downloader.114.origin found in system/app/ice.apk
    2. not a virus Adware.Ucbat1 (Adware) found in system/app.AlarmeController.apk
    3. Android.Backdoor.183.origin found in com.android.nmboabadsk
    4. Android.Backdoor.279.origin found in com.google.fk.json.slu
    5. Android.Backdoor.240.origin found in com.google.model.mi
    11-13-2015 08:36 AM

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