1. AC Question's Avatar
    Never owned an android device, coming from windows phone.
    I have a few questions about which phone to get before I make my decision. It would help if you have owned at least one device before commenting. Thanks for not being biased and helping me to make a good choice!

    Performance- Which phone wins? Does either lag? Is the z3 processor out of date? I'm not a gamer but any lag is unacceptable.
    Camera- Is the Xperia much better than the One? I don't take many pictures so its not a super high priority for me.
    Software- The M9 looks like the clear winner, but not sure as I haven't used the z3. The software looks really dated on the z3, but I don't know if this would change when marshmallow comes. How big of a deal is software when you can change the launcher? Could you get htc sense on a z3?
    Overall- Is the z3 "future proof"? Would I regret it? Or is the battery a good enough reason to win me over. Any other phone suggestions with a screen UNDER 5.2 inches? Thanks again
    11-15-2015 08:46 PM
  2. Sergiusz Jasper's Avatar
    Both great phones, had z3 and m8 (not quite m9) in every day use I liked the htc over sony just over all experience was smoother both phones have no lag.
    Sony feels fragile but waterproof if u need that also if u crack ur screen nothing will work.
    Awesome battery life also camera way better than htc one m8 or m9 but honestly not by much but have found sony to go into overheat mode if used taking pics.
    I would personally stay with htc just over all feel and the use is more user friendly plus stronger build phone.
    Just read about it and look for z3 vs htc one m9
    Either way both great phones.

    As for other android phones I moved to a samsung galaxy s6 and so far love it and it's same size as the once above.
    11-15-2015 08:59 PM

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