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    I travel from my home in PS, to my office in SB, and to health facilities all over CA. My job will only pay for mileage from the office location, depending on where I'm going that could mean they pay for 5 miles, but I had to drive 81 miles from home. I write the difference off.

    I have a Samsung G4, I will be getting a Samsung Note 4 next month, I need an app I will be able to continue to use on the Note 4. One that will allow me to "write" the info in with S pen, or better yet, voice record the info in.

    I need an app that will keep track of all the miles driven, allow me to assign location names, such as "Home","Office", "Hospital A", "Hospice C", etc., and calculate the mileage between the assigned locations. Someone recommended an app that automatically connects with GP, but that will only tell me on March 5 I traveled from this grid to that grid.

    Oh, and most importantly, I need the info to be stored so I can access it at tax time!

    I am not especially computer savvy, so if VERY basic terms please. Thanks :-)

    Any suggestions most appreciated
    11-16-2015 12:28 PM
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    Did you ever find an app to do this?
    12-09-2015 07:13 AM

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