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    I have a 2013 Mazda CX-5 and OK Google doesn't work with the car's Bluetooth.

    When Google voice says something eg: what's the message (ding) the input text is the same eg: what's the message and then stops taking voice input and says, I don't understand the command endlessly (input and output). So it gets stuck in this weird feedback loop talking to itself.

    My solution is to mute the car's stereo but I can't hear any of the Google voice prompts.

    I had the same problem with my S5, I've done the usual delete Bluetooth profile, pair, etc.

    I'm thinking there must be a delay between when Google voice says something on the cars speakers and the phone's mic picks it up so that it doesn't recognize it should cancel the two out..

    Any ideas how to fix it?

    Samsung S6 Android 5.1.1 on T-mobile.
    11-16-2015 05:16 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Go to the Google Now settings and retrain it to recognize your voice: https://support.google.com/websearch.../6031948?hl=en (under "Ok Google settings you can change")
    11-17-2015 05:12 PM

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