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    Hey AC Forums.

    So, a weird thing happened yesterday. My uncle was airlifted to the ER after cutting most of his forearm off in a power tool accident. He is fine now, but has 3-4 months before he can do PT, so he's got a long, pretty dull and limited road ahead of him. He also has been distracting himself from his affinity for libations with remodeling his home (which is what sent him to the ER - well, it was a bad decision, not remodeling) and I think some of the family is worried that without stimulation, he'll fall back into some pretty awful old habits.

    That's where I volunteered to help. I figured for a relatively small sum of money, I can toss a tablet his way and keep his mind occupied.

    My challenge is that my uncle is of a different generation and isn't doing his best to keep up with the times (he has a tablet... from Kodak... that's been dead since he bought it.). He also only has 1 usable set of digits for the next 3-4 months, and probably a while after that (He can't push buttons on a phone, otherwise I figured and Xbox 360 and Skyrim or similar would have been best). And he's not savvy.

    I'll set it up for him, but if you know of a tablet with a pretty decent easy mode, that would help us. And any cases that have stands? Really, anything that will help a one handed older dude use a tablet would be great.

    Also, I don't game a lot, and when I do, it's something like Hearthstone, which I doubt he'll be all that in to. I'd prefer to set him up with games that can use one hand but that have an interesting enough story? I'd rather pay upfront than pay-to-play, but if you have games you like that are easier to get into, I'm all ears.

    Thanks in advance for any help!
    11-17-2015 11:49 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Yikes. I'm glad he's recovering!

    Samsung is probably best known for having an Easy Mode, but you could also try the ASUS Zenpad S 8. ASUS has an Easy Mode that is preinstalled on most of its devices, and is also available on the Google Play Store if it isn't.

    What do you think about stand like this? Gooseneck Tablet Holder - Urban Outfitters
    11-17-2015 01:02 PM

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