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    Its really strange. I have a Moto X Pure 2015, and I keep having troubles with MicroUSB cables. Each one I get seems to stop working within a month due to bends that are really not that extreme. It feels like MicroUSB cables are way too fragile. Anyway, I found a good long right angled cord so I can worry less about it bending when I'm using it in bed. However recently it started doing something weird. It would be totally still, charger plugged in, but then I could see the lightning battery icon on my notification bar blink off for a second and then back on. This ended up happening very consistently, maybe every 10 seconds. I tried any other cords I had lying around that still worked and they charged my phone just fine, so its apparently not my phone. I ordered another right angle cord from another manufacturer and the first time plugging it in, it does the same thing the other cord is doing. I'm really confused and annoyed because it basically results in me discharging my battery. It doesn't make sense.

    I would just really like some help. I don't know if its somehow my phone, the cords, or what. Its just strange that one of those cords started having issues months after I got it and the other cord came out of the box with issues. Its really aggravating and I don't want to keep spending money on this nonsense. Really not sure what to do.
    11-17-2015 04:37 PM
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    take a look at the port on your phone to see if maybe something is stuck in there.
    Sometimes people get link stuck and it could get in the way of a good connection.
    11-17-2015 04:56 PM

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