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    Anyone else having a lot of issues with Android Auto on their Nexus 5x? I moved from a Samsung S4 running Lollipop where everything worked great. I don't know if the issues are Nexus 5x or Marshmallow, but I have a number of them:

    - really slow and laggy. Doesn't move screen to screen very quickly. Phone requires regular reboots every few days to fix. the voice assistant is slow to respond.
    - car often doesn't recognize it and I have to unplug/plug in again to get android auto start
    - incoming calls often have no audio at all when I answer (I can't hear them, they can't hear me)
    - the google now cards are really out of date (locations I travelled to 2 weeks ago instead of the place I am going currently).

    I'm driving a brand-new Honda Accord 2016.
    11-17-2015 11:21 PM

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