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    I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 and it had loads of photos from the camera on it - unfortunately none were backed up to a cloud or anywhere else.
    I bought a MicroSD card and took a picture with the camera. When I took it the phone said it was making the SD card the new default location for pictures.
    Using the built in File Manager I went to 'Device Storage' and moved the contents of the DCIM folder there to the DCIM folder that was found under 'SD Card'.
    This took ages and I saw file progress bars flashing past as the phone did its stuff, but once it was done the only picture I had left (apart from whatsapp images in the relevant folder) was the one pic I had taken after first putting the card in! I definitely didn't hit 'delete folder' and only used the 'move' command.

    I'm thinking that maybe in my haste I overwrote the original DCIM folder that contained say 2000 photos with the new one that contained just 1 photo :-(
    Is there any way I could recover these files / reverse this operation if this is what has happened?? Or is there any way that I could find out if this has happened??

    The Lost.DIR folder says it is empty. I haven't recorded any new data on the phone since this happened and am now looking into recovery programs like TestDisk and PhotoRec. So far I have found a deleted file in 'DCIM' on the SD card called 'DCIM(1)' (it's highlighted in red) but when trying to open, the 'TestDisk' program says that this folder contains no files and may be corrupted (seems to be the standard response when asking the prog to look into an empty folder).

    Am I missing a trick here or am I almost there?! I seem stuck now but so frustrated os I swear all my files lie in that mysterious red 'deleted' DCIM(1) folder! Help!
    11-18-2015 01:03 PM

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