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    I'm trying so hard to make the above happen with various text and LED applications (and combinations thereof), but I can't seem to make it happen, at least consistently.

    I have a brand new LG G4. I'm using Textra, which itself "has" LED notification options for individual contacts, but they don't seem to work on my phone. So I brought in Light Flow, but couldn't figure out how to create individualized LED notifications with that.

    Then I got Light Manager ("LM"), whose setup, at least, I really like. I also turned off the LED notifications in Textra, which LM seems to require for LM to work correctly. Well . . . the LED notifications now "sometimes" seem to work, but not consistently at all. And I do understand that my LG G4 screen needs to go dark before the LED flashing will even begin to work.

    I certainly wouldn't mind working with other SMS applications -- or any other applications at all, frankly -- to get this to work.

    Thanks a lot for any assistance, and feel free to point me to a previous discussion that answers this. (I did do a search but didn't seem to come up with a helpful thread.)
    11-18-2015 01:41 PM

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