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    Hi just wanted to share my experience unjamming the OIS.

    So all along I was experiencing problems with the OIS of my S6. From April 11 all the way until November 21. Yesterday (Nov 20), I contacted Samsung Customer Support and requested for solutions to the Camera Auto-Focus Issue. They responded by saying all the standard procedure of servicing the S6 (which I was reluctant to doing), backing up all important data and stuff. After much careful deliberation, I decided against bringing it to the service centre, mainly due to the numerous unnecessary troubles I would need to go through doing so. So before the customer support guy told me to send the phone in for repair, he did ask me to do the following:

    Head to "Settings", scroll until you see "Applications". Then tap "Application Manager". From there swipe left until you find "All". Tap on "MORE" and tap "Clear App Preferences". Then from there scroll until you find "Camera". Tap on it and clear cache then data. Clear defaults if there is.

    After I did that, none of these worked. So I decided to wait a day before trying again, but to no avail. So just 10 minutes ago I decided to try my luck (going by common sense, the camera had it's OIS jammed because it probably took significant damage while it was on it's way to the phone dealer - where I bought my 128GB S6 from - right?) So I decided to do a slight knock on the side of the phone to the right of the camera (from front view, not back view). And wa-la, it worked! Now the camera focuses super fast, tried 15 times using different angles, every time closing and reopening the Camera app. However, now the Camera is still having the autofocus issue but as long as it focuses on a significant object the camera manages to quickly focus.

    So yeah hope this quick fix helps those whose Camera is still "bugged" with similar problems!

    11-21-2015 08:33 AM
  2. srkmagnus's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing your fix.
    11-21-2015 09:04 AM

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