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    Just got my Nexus 6 p and I'm having several issues with the phone and the carrier Verizon. The 6p car charging doesn't work however the ac charging works perfectly. Charging from an AC power source is a rapid charge and charging from a personal computer USB port is a slow charge. Don't understand why the car charger isn't working properly as I am using the same cable.

    Additional problem is the 6p is not being currently sold by Verizon and therefore when I activated it to replace my note 3 they took off one of my $10 a month discounts. The biggest problem is it only works in 3G and will not work in 4G. The 6p should be able to work as a Wi-Fi phone but does not because Verizon has not put it on their list of Wi-Fi phones.

    I have put my name on the waiting list for the 5 plan but until then this phone is not working as promised on Verizon. Any suggestions or other carriers that I might want to go to?
    11-21-2015 10:05 AM

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