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    Using a 'new' Razr phone, borrowed until I get a newer one - HOWEVER, on trying to transfer files from PC to the phone, it kept on making me install Motorola's own device manager. I have never needed a device manager system, nor found one useful in the past. I was entirely happy being able to attach it as an external storage unit - it was swift and easy to transfer, and treat the SD card simply as 'another folder' on my PC.

    Now however, I find I'm being forced to use this despicable piece of rubbish, which doesn't even work. I have installed the preinstaled one twice from the phone, and then tried to follow online guides from Motorola, including speaking to one of their agents via chat function - this ended ridiculously, I vented the frustration that the previous system which worked perfectly fine had been vetoed and replaced with this clanky, incomplete system that failed to work, and that this situation was stupid. To which I was told that one more utterance like that and the 'call' would be terminated. I have never EVER come across some operator in customer service that refused to continue simply because a frustrated (and FORCED) customer vented annoyance at a system which doesn't work. Literally, the umbrage was taken at my use of the word stupid - not about the service operative, but the system itself, and this was sufficient to terminate the 'advice session' - Now, I could understand, had I been vulgar and crass, or used cursing and profanity, but I was very careful not to let the frsutration through in such a way (In case anyone wondered if I was missing out use of foul language etc)

    Anyway, moving on from the rant, I have since updated the device manager wth the latest build, but on trying to open each time, it automatically checks the updates (bearing in mind I have literally only just installed it) but then once the updates, shockingly, come back as nothing to update, the program simply fails to continue.

    How the f*** am I supposed to just transfer stuff on and off the SD card? Yes, I have SD ports and readers etc etc, so I am not entirely unable to, but the ease of attaching a cable, and then 'away we go' is something I really miss, and want the added functionality back.......

    I can only presume it was removed on the latest android op sys because numpties kept on corrupting and warping files by failing to detach the external device before removing the USB connectors????

    Please help, I just want a simple, straightforward solution to transfer stuff easily on and off my phone.
    11-25-2015 07:37 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! You're never required to install the sync programs that come with the phone. Some phones (like yours) have part of their internal storage partitioned as a "CD Drive" (with various mostly useless PC programs from the manufacturer or carrier) that automatically opens whenever you plug the phone into your computer--but you don't have to do anything with it. You can just exit out of the window by clicking the red X at the corner of the window. Once the CD Drive has closed, the phone storage should appear in Windows Explorer, which allows you to drag and drop files like you normally would with any other kind of external storage.

    Swipe down the notification panel and tap the USB notification icon--make sure it's set to USB Mass Storage or MTP. If it's set to Charge Only, the computer won't see the phone storage.
    11-25-2015 12:56 PM

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