1. AC Question's Avatar
    Hi there, i was on a forum through internet icon, when it suddenly changed to getappdelas.com Can exit it, it keeps offering me spins to ''win'' a new phone. When dialogue box opens with options - stay on this page/leave this page no success on hittiing leave this page. Cant do anything now through internet icon. Any advice how to exit that? Thanks in advance.
    12-01-2015 09:15 AM
  2. Almeuit's Avatar
    I would suggest downloading something like Avast to help get rid of the malware.
    12-01-2015 09:38 AM
  3. SaoirseM's Avatar
    I have avast on my phone but cant figure out how could it help me with this. Its not an app, its like a website opened on internet.
    12-01-2015 10:19 AM
  4. vino12345's Avatar
    I had this problem with my iPhone 5s- I went into settings selected browser (safari) & cleared all history & website data.
    This worked for me- so if you have a similar option in settings on your android device to clear data & cookies etc, it will hopefully work too
    12-01-2015 03:56 PM
  5. SaoirseM's Avatar
    Thanks, it didn`t work. Will i loose my contacts if i reset my phone to factory settings i wonder?
    12-02-2015 11:04 AM
  6. BeatrixS's Avatar
    I tried clearing cache and all browsing history. Also run scans with Avast, Avg, Malwarebytes and an antispyware app and it didn't work. The only option I can think of is reseting the phone to factory settings, but you need to do a back up first. If anyone comes up with another solution, please share!
    12-04-2015 05:49 PM
  7. BeatrixS's Avatar
    Ok, so I uninstalled my current browser (Chrome) and installed it again. Seems like the problem is sorted. I tried navigating a site (accuweather) where I knew I would be redirected to getappdeals.com and it didn't happen anymore I also installed Mozilla to try and I didn't have any problems.
    12-05-2015 06:43 AM

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