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    Okay, so. We have an elderly family friend that knows I'm into electronics, mainly computers. Our friend bought me a Motorola tablet from a yard sale. When I plug it into the computer via USB, it says it's a MZ602 model.

    I've looked into it a little bit, learned how to power it on, off, hard reset, how to find factory reset and all those other things. The problem I'm having, is that it doesn't load into the tablet functions.

    It spends quite a few minutes in a loading screen with the Motorola M symbol with "Dual Core Technology" under it. After those several long minutes, it will finally load into a screen that has colored flakes flashing about. I've waited over an hour for it to load through that, but nothing happened.

    As I mentioned above, I looked into how to do a factory reset. Thought maybe that would help. So I pulled up the Android Recovery screen. A picture of an Android mascot shows up, laying down with a red triangle over it with it's chest cavity open. Thought maybe I killed it with rage. Then I found out how to navigate this screen.

    So I tried the "Wipe data/factory reset." It loads up, and says "Performing BP clear. . ."
    Sort time later, it says "BP clear failed" and goes to "Formatting/data. . ." and successfully completes that. But still no change. Reboot does the long wait at the splash screen, then back to the color flakes again.

    I tried updating via USB, tried fastboot but it stays on the "Preforming Fast boot protocol" and does nothing else. So I'm stuck here on what to do. Any tips and suggestions would be much obliged. But I obviously can't return it. Drivers for this says it's from 2006, and being that it was from a yard sale, I don't think Motorola is going to fix it for free for me.
    12-04-2015 06:24 PM

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