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    Android 4.1.2
    LG Optimus 3G

    This problem affects AOL, Google Hangouts, Facebook, and WhatsApp, but not all the time. I usually discover it when I open one of these apps to send a message and see new incoming messages, often from several hours earlier. All of the device settings as well as the settings within the apps are correctly configured for notifications, but nothing appears in the notification bar, there's no sound, no vibration, no flashing blue light, and no number on the app icons indicating new messages. It makes no difference whether my phone is set to sound, vibrate, or silent. I have already performed a complete factory reset and re-downloaded and reinstalled these apps.
    12-04-2015 10:20 PM
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    Same here...but it's only with Hangouts. I just noticed it today and like you, it doesn't happen all the time. I've done everything I could think of and I'm still missing notifications. Anyone else having this issue?

    Gear S2 paired with my Note5

    Edit: So after lots of troubleshooting, I found that I was missing messages for 2 reasons. 1. I have a Chromebook and I tend to leave the browser and done extensions active...namely Hangouts. With it open and my Chromebook connected (even with the lid closed), it seems to somehow affect notifications going to my S2. Doesn't make sense, but it does. 2. Android Wear installed on my Note5 also created the issue of not getting Hangout messages on my S2 as well. It initially worked just fine, but after some time this issue reared its head. Granted, I liked the ability to respond to Hangout messages on my S2, but the issue killed it. Once I uninstalled AW, the problem was solved.

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    12-05-2015 07:27 PM

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