1. Wolfess's Avatar
    So I was working on a sketch and my fountain pen ink took a spill all over my phone, covering it completely. I did the best I could to clean it up, including drying out the parts it leaked into inside the phone. Since ink dries after a period of time, should I worry about putting it in rice and such? When it first happened my phone started making a repetitive beeping noise and was freaking out, now that enough time has passed for it to dry it seems to be fine. What should I do?? I also checked for water damage and the sticker appeared to be white
    12-05-2015 11:28 PM
  2. srkmagnus's Avatar
    If it's appearing to be find I wouldn't worry about it. At this point the ink may be dried on the inside and there may not be any moisture to cause further damage.
    12-05-2015 11:50 PM

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