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    I have a Galaxy S6.

    I may be asking a lot or have wishful thinking.

    Does Android currently have an calendar app that integrates an active map that is innovative enough to tell me that I need to leave "now" because the traffic for my "6pm appointment" is bad or that an accident is causing a different route? Or that if I am located at a specific location in Chicago and am driving to a specific location in Naperville that it will automatically allocate "driving time" into my calendar based on current traffic or anticipated traffic time? Paid or not, doesn't matter. I need time management before my life spirals out of control or I get a speeding ticket, whichever comes first. I do not need the calendar to integrate with any other calendars if I can't, as long as it has this feature although it would be nice since I have calendars in gmail, outlook, iphone-Ical (husbands phone), and sunrise. I would be willing to take a vacation day to get everything merged together

    Second question, I currently have 5 landlines on call forwarding to my cellphone. Does an app exist to tell me which landline the phone call is coming from so I could ever so possibly know how to answer the phone or if I need to pull over to answer the phone RIGHT NOW!
    12-06-2015 10:28 PM
  2. the tall guy's Avatar
    Wishful thinking me thinks Google Maps has a live traffic option, which shows you the current heavy traffic if that helps? also Google Now has this feature too. Sadly it isn't a calendar app though.
    12-17-2015 02:49 AM

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