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    I connected a camera's SD card to the Galaxy, after which the built-in "My Files" program recognized the external SD card as UsbDriveA. I initiated a "Move" of 260+ JPG pictures from a folder on UsbDrive A. It gave feedback about moving each file, but it didn't prompt me for a target. Nonetheless, the pictures were no longer on the UsbDriveA. So, I selected "Paste" which seemed to cause the pictures to go to the pad's internal micro SD card at folder: /storage/extSdexternal/DCIM. But, the "My Files" program did not show any pictures.
    I had previously downloaded a "File Manager" app because I had an issue somewhat like this before. When I looked at the File Manager app under "Recent", it listed all the files I had moved. Selecting one of the JPG's within the File Manager app, I looked at the "Info" option. It said the file's location was where I expected it: /storage/extSdexternal/DCIM.
    I tried to use the File Manager app to make a subfolder under extSdexternal/DCIM for holding the files, but encountered an error that Android 4.4 didn't allow 3rd party apps to write to external SD cards. So, I tried an alternative tack of trying to use the File Manager app to copy one of the files to /storage/emulated/0/Pictures/Somefolder. That worked and "My Files" showed an entry for the copied picture in Somefolder.
    I wanted then to move or copy them all the pictures to Somefolder so the "My Files" would recognize them. Shift-click didn't work to multi-select within File Manager, but after I selected perhaps 30 files, I tried to copy those to Somefolder, too. I got a message about the copy failing.
    I tried turning the device off and on to see if that would cause "My Files" to refresh its view of the files. But, the only effect was that the File Manager app no longer recognized my files as "Recent". It no longer showed them anywhere.
    Maybe I can use an undelete on a different computer to recover the files on the original SD card, but what has happened to those 260+ pictures?
    Thank you.
    12-12-2015 04:38 AM
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    As a tip for the future, I always copy then after verifying, I will delete the original.

    Not sure about your question though, hopefully someone else can shed some light
    12-12-2015 07:37 AM

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