1. AC Question's Avatar
    and i don't know what to do and i really need this probably fix asap please help!!!!!
    this is my very first time having a lg g2 phone and its been a good couple of months since I've had the.. almost going on a year since I have had this..
    12-12-2015 11:01 AM
  2. dpham00's Avatar
    Try to hold down the power key for 15 seconds.
    12-12-2015 11:40 AM
  3. Casey Dent's Avatar
    Omg!! Thank you. I was recently uploading pictures to my surface pro and my USB cord messed up and unplugged. I don't know why my firmware started updating but with my dogs and kids going craazy some how it came unplugged. It was stuck forever. So I researched and seen your question and answers. I tried the 15 second thing and about 12 seconds it finally powered off and came back on. I have to take the time to thank you soooooo much because I just got this and was freaking!!!!!!
    04-11-2016 10:10 PM

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