1. AC Question's Avatar
    Hello guys. I bought this Ztouch Zentality tab model c-724 last week on Friday. It has been working well till today morning when it just stated restarting on its own before finally freezing. Tips on this forum such as holding the power button and the volume down button helped me try rebooting it but it keeps on freezing at the logo. I have pressed the RST button and it restarts well only to freeze at the same same logo stage. Please help a friend out. Thanks in Advance
    12-14-2015 04:54 AM
  2. belodion's Avatar

    It may be best to return it for refund or replacement.
    You could try a Factory Reset first, which you'll have to do anyway if you do return it.
    12-14-2015 08:11 AM
  3. FreddieLugasi's Avatar
    I have the same problem with my zentality tab.freezing at start up .It has been reset 3 times but still works for two days and behaves the same way over and over.They are just fake tablets
    08-22-2016 10:30 AM

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