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    So, my Moto X kept bugging me to get an update for lollipop. I kept clicking on "No thanks", but it kept popping up every time I used my phone. After a week, I just accepted the update just to get it off my back. After it turned on again, I hardly recognized my old, beloved phone. I HATE HATE HATE this new update! It is SO AWFUL!! Now I am apparently stuck with it! My old Moto X was so wonderful, user-friendly, easy and perfect. It was seriously awesome. I had never had a phone I loved so much. Now I just hate it's guts. The font is smaller and harder to read. Even the guy at Sprint says it can't get any bigger. The whole system is WAY harder to navigate and harder to use in general. It lost my daughter's contact information and all the texts and photos I had saved from her. WHY couldn't they have left it the way it was!?!?! WHY wouldn't we have a choice in the matter!?!? The folks at Sprint said it was Google's update. I called Google and they said it was Motorola's update. I called Motorola and they blamed it on Google again. I called Google again and the lady called Motorola while I was on the phone with her for a three-way conversation to find out WHO CREATED THIS UPDATE!?!? The lady from Motorola hung up on us. Apparently, Motorola is the culprit. I can't wait to get a new phone, and it will NOT be a Motorola. Stupid, stupid, stupid. People purchase phones based on their ease of use, ability to navigate it, etc, etc. If we liked it when we bought it, why change it up!?!?! Stupid Motorola. Just lost a customer!!! : /
    12-14-2015 11:58 PM
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    Hi, welcome to AC. It isn't Motorola's fault that you installed an update, that's the users fault. Secondly the update is created and sent out by Google initially, but Motorola and your carrier will have an input into it.

    Regarding the issue you have with the font, can you go into settings > then display > then font size. Select Huge.

    The only way to remove a software update from your phone would be to root the device, there's plenty of videos on YouTube on how to root a phone.

    Last point, you should register with Android Central and head over to our Moto forums, if you have any issues or questions I'm sure someone will be happy to assist.
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    12-15-2015 03:48 AM

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