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    I'm using an Innjoo One phone with Android 4.4.2.
    For many months I have been using a program called Profile Scheduler+ that controlled all my phone profiles. It was working perfectly until one day it stopped. I noticed that the default system general profile kept taking over unless I manuall reactivated Profile Scheduler+. So I decided to change programs. Now I am using MyProfiles+ which also works perfectly. Until recently and now the same problem arose again. at random times, my audio will be muted. When I investigate, I see that the system meetings profile has taking over. Then I have to manually put it back to system general for it to work then MyProfiles+ will become active again.
    Then at other times, the sysem general profile wil take over but the ringer voulme in it will be set to zero.

    I have no idea what's going on but what I am trying to achieve is for all of the system profiles to take a back seat to my installed MyProfiles+ application.

    What can I do?
    12-15-2015 03:46 AM
  2. AlphaTango414's Avatar
    Welcome to AC.

    I would first try wiping app cache via app manager.

    Now, within this app, does it happen to be GPS enabled? Does hitting the volume rocker up or down cause the profile to change? Did you uninstall all other profile manager/controllers?
    12-15-2015 04:14 AM
  3. isomari's Avatar
    The app had GPS set for the phone's default. I just set it to off for the app.
    The Location setting on the phone has been off. I never changed it from it's original setting of off.
    The cache of the app was already cleared.
    No, the volume rocker does not change profiles.

    I won't know if the change of turning off the GPS setting will make a difference for a while because problem I;m facing may take a while before it does it's thing. I'm carefully watching it. If it doesn't change in the next few hours, then I can assume that was the problem.
    In the meanwhile, is there anyway to disable the internal profiles so that MyProfiles+ is the only profile manager installed?
    12-15-2015 08:05 AM
  4. isomari's Avatar
    I just arrived at my office and once again my profiles have mysteriously switch to the default meeting profile which of cause is virtually silent.
    I'm clueless once again.
    12-16-2015 03:29 AM
  5. AlphaTango414's Avatar
    I'm not familiar with the 'built in" profile manager. I don't remember that being part of stock Kitkat. So I'm guessing it's a manufacturer/carrier added function.

    If you look in the application manager and under "All" tab via settings, do you see anything listed concerning the profile settings besides the one app you are trying to use?

    If you find somehing, click on it. See if it can be disabled. If it can not, try wiping data and then force close.

    If above isn't possible or doesn't work, go ahead and try another profile app from the play store to tule out your preferred app or find that it's a problem with the app.
    12-16-2015 04:03 AM
  6. isomari's Avatar
    I think you misunderstand. The "built in" one I'm referring to is what's in the settings under audio profiles of all androids. Where you can chose general,silent,meeting,outdoor or create your own.

    As I mentioned earlier, I don't believe it has anything to do with the MyProfiles+ app because I had the same problem with Profiles+. That's why I switched to MyProfiles+ because I thought it might have had something to do with Profiles+. Even though I had been using it for months without a hitch. If you remember, I had mentioned that not only does the internal profiles take over, but it's always the meetings profile that is loaded. And additionally the general profile's ringer volume on goes to 0.
    12-16-2015 09:07 AM

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