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    Hi, i have made a lot of research to solve my problem but i didnt find any.

    About a week ago, i had a message that i have exceeded the data limit i have fixed (but i was at home using my wifi). When it does that, i just click ok and i go raise manually the limit. However, i saw my limit wasnt reached, so i just ignored it and continued what i was doing. A strange thing happened then, my wifi stopped working (only the wifi and only on my phone) my operator network was working perfectly and also my computer on the same wifi. The next day, i noticed that any wifi wasnt working anymore on my phone even if i have tried everything, i was sure my phone was broken.

    Later, i tried to restart my phone again and noticed the message data limit reached so i decided to click restart instead of ok (i was sure my limit wasnt reached). When i clicked restart, the wifi started to work properly again, but there is a little problem.

    Even if my data limit is set to 2 gb on my operator network, i have used only 0.1 gb and it still tells me that i have reached the data limit. I noticed it tells me that i have overpassed my data limit by 103 mb. Then, i saw my wifi was used at 653 mb. Later on, it was telling me 117 mb over limit, and my wifi was used at 667 mb. Conclusion is that my phone has set a data for my wifi of 550 mb and i dont see anything on the phone to change it or to close it (it seems to dont have any link with the 2 gb data set on my operator network). Even if i close the limit and restart my phone, it stills tells me data limit overpassed by ... the number of mb over 550...

    Anyone knows how to solve this problem and why it happened as it is not even supposed to be possible to set a wifi data limit???
    12-16-2015 01:06 AM
  2. dpham00's Avatar
    I would check with the carrier regarding this problem
    12-16-2015 07:03 AM

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