1. Pure Phantom's Avatar
    Ok I'm new here, signed up just to get help with this, so here's my problem.

    Just got a new phone, a Nexus 6 (not the 6p). Upgraded to Android 6.0. Previously had a Note 3 running kitkat. On my Note 3 if I got new posts to a thread I'm subscribed to on a forum I'm a member of, new messages on Instagram or new messages on kik my phone notified me that I had the message. The app didn't have to be running for this to work. With my Nexus 6 however that isn't the case!

    Text messages, voicemails and emails all work fine and notify my just the way they should, it's only the 3rd party apps that don't work. I know it's not the apps because like I mentioned it's ALL the installed 3rd party apps doing this! It has to have something to do with the Nexus 6 or the Android 6.0 or a combination of the 2.

    I scoured the web looking for answers, including this forum, and came up empty so here's the information that people usually ask for:

    1) My phone isn't on silent or do not disturb mode
    2) My volume is turned up
    3) Sound and notification settings-App notifications are normal and allow peaking for the apps in question. Treat as priority if not on because I don't want the notifications when I'm sleeping but this shouldn't keep them from coming in normally when the volume isn't turned off.
    4) Settings-Apps for each app the notifications ARE NOT blocked and allow peaking is on.
    5) I enabled ALL requested permissions for each app just to make sure a blocked permission wasn't the problem.
    6) I white listed each app from battery optimization to ensure this wasn't causing the problem.
    7) Battery saver is not turned on.
    8) Push notifications are turned on and allowed for each app in the settings on the app and the notifications sound in the app settings is my default notification, which is set because it's the same one I get when the app is running.

    Someone please help! This is driving me crazy. Like I mentioned I get the notifications if I have the app running in the background but if the app is off I don't. On my last phone I didn't have to leave the app running 24/7, draining my battery, to get the notifications! Is there some way to fix this????
    12-17-2015 11:22 PM
  2. Pure Phantom's Avatar
    Also before someone recommends it, I already wiped the system cache partition.
    12-18-2015 02:42 AM
  3. Pure Phantom's Avatar
    No one has a clue I guess
    12-18-2015 01:13 PM
  4. sydneycooper1979's Avatar
    Have you tried a factory reset?
    12-18-2015 01:14 PM
  5. Pure Phantom's Avatar
    Was trying to avoid that but no one has any other ideas so I guess that's my only option.
    12-21-2015 03:47 AM
  6. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Is it just Kik and Instagram that isn't giving notifications?
    12-21-2015 08:54 AM
  7. Pure Phantom's Avatar
    Kik, Instagram and a forum I'm subscribed to that I used to get notifications for when there was new posts. Seems to be an issue only with 3rd party apps, the apps that came preinstalled on the phone all work fine.
    12-21-2015 09:19 PM
  8. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    They may have bugs from the new OS. Have you emailed the developers to let them know what's happening?
    12-23-2015 04:04 PM

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