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    I have huawei ascend p6, its a bit less than 2 years old. One day phone started restarting after some minutes. Eventually it was restarting all the time. It restarts like hundred times, when i finally get into my phone (enter pass code etc.) i cant block it properly, when i press lock the phone button it just doesn't block, it keeps asking if i want to reboot the phone and just don't block, after pressing the button few times it just restarts.

    I had 2 year guarantee and i did bring my phone to the store where i bought it, and they didn't want to fix anything because of few scratches on my phone. All they said that it was mechanical problem and asked me 200 euros for fixing it. I think they didn't even look at anything, just saw that the phone had few scratches and they don't have to fix anything else. No way Im paying overpriced store that amount of money when the phones worth is the same.

    So i`ve tried searching on Internet if anyone have similar problems, and i did only find that i should try and reset the phone, i did that, nothing changed.
    What should i do? Anyone have had similar problems?
    12-18-2015 10:52 AM
  2. dpham00's Avatar
    It is possibly a stuck power button. Perhaps you can take it to a reliable third party shop for analysis.
    12-18-2015 10:57 AM
  3. Reinis1997's Avatar
    Its not stuck i think, its not damaged or anything, it looks like new, no problem pressing it.
    12-18-2015 11:03 AM
  4. dpham00's Avatar
    Stuck in the sense that it is detecting a press when it isn't pressed.
    12-18-2015 03:49 PM

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