1. zeeType's Avatar

    I am having a very strange issue while charging my Z3. Whenever i plug in my phone to charge it, it charges for some minutes then disconnects by itself. The LED light turns off and there's no charging signal. Sometime I have to manually unplug and plug the charge back in and sometime charging starts again after being disconnected.

    Some people told me to perform a software repair using PC Companion but it's giving me a message saying that there's no software available for my device to perform a software repair. I have even tried factory resetting my phone like 10 times already but nothing. Also used 2-3 more chargers and yet no luck.

    I still couldn't figure out if it's the device, the charger or software's fault. Another problem is, there's no Sony Support around my place to bring the device for the service. So I am looking toward if there's any possible fix for it without having to replace the device. The device is only 3 months old and running android 5.1.1

    I had this problem with 4.4.4 as well and I was expecting 5.1.1 would fix it but it didn't. If anyone has a solution please help me out. Thanks.
    12-19-2015 10:59 AM
  2. Tomas Brummitt's Avatar
    Have a similar problem which seems to have occurred after lollipop update. Sony site forum has 44 pages on this with no solution. My battery will say it's full and then suddenly drop to 50% and soon after flick to 25% or any other random percentage giving you no idea how much charge you have left. Another update needed to fix this bug PLEASE
    12-23-2015 06:42 AM
  3. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Does Sony have a PC program that can reinstall the stock ROM?
    12-23-2015 09:26 AM
  4. zeeType's Avatar
    Sony has always recommended using PC Companion for every kind of problems which just wont work.

    3 months with this issue and no solutions yet. My charger is new and is working fine, i tried charging my dad's Xperia E and brother's HTC One M8 and the charger worked fine for those 2 devices so it's more likely the device/software issue. Cleaning the USB port wasn't worth also. If anyone had similar problem and got them fixed without having to exchange the device, please let me know.
    12-26-2015 06:30 AM

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