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    I opted for an early upgrade and got the S6 and sold my LG3. Against my better judgement I have to say. Previous to that I had an S5 but I was getting fed-up with Samsung. Now I wish I hadn't got rid of my LG3. This phone sucks. Ever since I have had I have had nothing but problems. The Wi-Fi is a nightmare. Constantly connecting, disconnecting. Can you believe I stand next to the router and it disconnects. I have tried everything for a fix. Rebooted router, changed channels, reset phone etc. etc. nothing fixes it. So I have to manually turn Wi-Fi off and on again to get it to connect. The fingerprint mode is also rubbish. Who said it's better than the S5 fingerprint mode? 70% of the time it doesn't recognise my fingerprint, despite registering 4. I end up having to put in the backup password. NOTIFICATIONS - don't even get me started. There I am, merrily driving to work listening to my music in my car, than suddenly I get a text - and wham - music cuts out. WTF? My LG3 never did this, nor did my S5 for that matter - no any iPhone I have ever owned. They just QUIETLY sound the notification over the music which keeps playing. These are just a few of the things I have to put up with this pile of poo. I am going to sell this phone and either go to LG3/4 or get another iPhone. The S6 may be a looker with no plastic anymore but it's not worth the hassle. Rant over - and thank you for reading (if you did)
    12-25-2015 05:41 PM
  2. ii_Shadow645's Avatar
    Wow. Its sounds to me like your Samsung maybe fake.
    12-25-2015 05:59 PM
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    Sorry you are unhappy! I sold my S6 recently because I couldn't deal with the erratic battery life. And I was having to turn off all kinds of stuff just to make it through a day with light to moderate use I do think it has a fantastic camera though. I ended up grabbing an iPhone 6S Plus and I'm really enjoying it. I have been really curious about the LG V10 though and I love my husband's Note 5. Good luck whatever you decide!
    12-25-2015 09:39 PM

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