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    After few years with Lumia 1320, now I would like to get a flagship android smartphone. I know Huawei P8 and LG G4 well because my parents use them. They are both greath, but they just... don't sing to me.

    Personally I adore Samsung Galaxy S6 (flat) because of its look and speed, however I'm really affraid of its battery.

    The most important things I'm looking in for are:
    a) speed and great (iOS like) performance
    b) battery

    Good music quality at headphones and great design would be nice as well. About the pricing - let's just say that Nexus 6P is a little bit too expensive, eBay's SGS6 32 is the top I can spend.

    Could you please recommend me something great for me?
    12-26-2015 09:25 PM

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