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    Hi, i´m looking for an app as similar as possible to the Nokia Cinemagraph. I love the animated pictures but i can´t find an app who can do this kind of pictures on the play store. I´m, i looking for the wrong name or products? I only found Fotodanz that looks like it could be what i´m looking for but it´s buggy and didn´t get an update in ages and i sent an email to developers to see if it was going to be updated but no reply in over 2 weeks. Any idea on anything else that would do the job? I´m surprise that something so old in a nokia phone (Cinemageraph is over 3/4 years old) and with all those gifs been uploaded in social media no one have an app for this in the google store... Thanks guys!! Sorry, i´m new to play store so i may just been looking the wrong way!! ;-)
    12-27-2015 07:01 AM

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