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    Few months ago I dropped my nexus and shattered the screen. I put it on the shelf thinking I'd order a replacement after a while. Time slipped by and i just now got around to it. I ordered a replacement screen off ebay and installed it a few days ago. I reassembled it, let it charge for a few hours and when I went to press the power button I got nothing. The screen lights up, but no images display. I did a factory reset (power button volume button) and still nothing. Though, I can hear it chime after a short period of time. If I plug it into my computer, the computer sees it and even opens file explorer. So I'm pretty sure it's working. I cracked it back open and checked the connections on the screen three times and they all appear to be okay. I took them back off and reseated them all to be sure. I tried a force charge of the battery (red/black cable directly plugged into the battery connection for half an hour), still no go. Are there anymore tricks I can try before I call this a lost cause?
    12-27-2015 02:53 PM

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