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    My LG G3 keep restarting recently , the first time i aware of this problem is when i use the phone to record some video . Suddenly my phone just restarting by itself even when i'm not using it for video, i thought maybe it's normal but recently my phone keep restarting over and over again .

    And also usually the battery drop like from 70% then restart , then the battery drop to 19% . Does anyone know what exactly the problem here?

    12-27-2015 07:24 PM
  2. maclancer's Avatar
    The issue appear to be a faulty battery... Fortunately you can get a new one in amazon or ebay.
    12-27-2015 07:33 PM
  3. benkari's Avatar
    I see , thanks for the reply
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    12-27-2015 08:08 PM
  4. Changuro's Avatar
    I had the same issue. It first occurred when taking video then it was more often. Finally, i did a hard reset to find that it kept reseting when i was downloading all my apps back to back. It was still under warranty so i called LG. They gave me an rma, i sent it in and got the screen replace.

    *Note that my screen was flawless and that when you send your device in, it is without batteries or accessories.

    When i received it, no change. I called lg back to get it rma'd again, this time they claim it was the mic and speaker and replaced the chipset. I got it back and still no change. In the middle of this reset, i removed the battery and installed a "new" battery from lgbattery.net. I was expecting the phone to reset but it DID NOT! Also, when my phone reset with the previous battery, it drained +17% of the charge in 15 min.

    It was a battery issue. Now that i have a working LG G3, which i prefer over the Nexus 6 and Xperia M4, i am looking for as many sites to post my experience with replacing the battery.
    01-06-2016 01:34 AM

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