1. Luke Rector's Avatar
    Hello all! I have recently purchased a used S5. I want to check for new system updates, but once I press "Check for new system update" it spits back "Software update is temporarily unavailable." This is a Verizon-unlocked phone now using an at&t sim card. Any help would be appreciated. -Luke

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    12-29-2015 07:57 AM
  2. FiveOverEight's Avatar
    I think this is something to do with the SIM card. I believe you'll still get the same issue even if you reset the phone.

    Might be worth a call to your provider for a replacement SIM.
    12-29-2015 08:05 AM
  3. Luke Rector's Avatar
    Hm, okay. Actually, this sim was taken from a nexus 5 I used previously... Could that be the issue?

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    12-29-2015 08:07 AM
  4. FiveOverEight's Avatar
    Possible mate but not sure there. One way to find out I guess...
    12-29-2015 08:18 AM

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